dinsdag 25 september 2007

TIP: Easy KinzCash

This one is super simple. Start up the Zingoz Bounce game. You will need to position your mouse pointer so that the pointer finger is only slightly above the red ball, and directly in the middle. Then, you need to hold your mouse very steady so that it does not move at all. Continue to click that one spot as fast as you can, over and over.
The best way to do this is with either a cordless mouse or even a laptop keyboard that does not have a rollerball. It may a few tries to find the "sweet spot," but once you do you'll know it. If the ball bounces slightly to the left, then you are too far to the right. If the ball bounces to the right, then you are too far to the left.
A word of caution - Ganz has set a maximum allowable score. If you exceed that score, you will not get any KinzCash at all. Rumor has it that max score is set to around 30,000 points.
Good luck!

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