dinsdag 25 september 2007

TIP: What is the best webkinz cheats for kinzcash?

  1. If a friend is on, go to your phone and click on there name. Then hit ctrl+m+g, and you can earn up to 100,000 kinzcash.

  2. If you and a friend go on to dicekinz and as soon as it is comes up you and your friend must press the x and you should each be rewarded 40 kinz cash. That does not sound like a lot but if you do it for like 5 minutes you could have up to 4000 kinz cash. It takes a wile for you and your friend to get in sink but after a wile you will get it. This cheat does work!!!

  3. Go to the newspaper and go looking for the kinzcash help (near the bottom of the page

  4. Operation gumball can give you some money! if you don't pass a level just type in the right number and you go to the next level. the only thing is you can't do it on every level.

  5. Go to the news and look at kincash tips. it will help you. Go do contact us then press comments and suggestens and do the survey you get 50 kinzcash you can do it every week too. Also sell stuff you don't need at the w shop.

  6. Ok...the best possible answer i can give you is to do all the daily activities and do them everyday.

  7. Also...make sure you go to Arte's Gem place and sell all the gems you get. Some are worth 10's and 20's but others are worth 100's! Maybe even 1000's!

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