zaterdag 29 september 2007

KinzCash TIP: Collect Charm Forest

Collect one Webkinz charm and you gain access into the charm forest. Every 6 hours you get to choose a path to take to search for charms. Pixie pods are carried by the good fairies of the forest, click on one to see your prize. Watch out for bad fairies disguised as good fairies, if you find one you wont get anything. If a fairy drops a key click on it and search for the storage doors in the forest that have 2-5 pixies pods, click on them to see your prizes. Collect all 8 rows of charms and you will win an exclusive prize. If you find a charm you already have have you wil recieve 100 kinzcash. If you buy 8 webkinz charms it automatically unlocks all 40 of the webkinz charms.

Buying 1 Webkinz Charm will give you a Feature Code to unlock the Magical Charm Forest, along with 1 row of 5 Forest Charms to collect. Buying a second charm will unlock the another row, and so on. Buying 8 different charms unlocks all 40 of the Forest Charms. After all the rows are unlocked, every new Charm Feature Code you enter earns you Kinz Cash prizes or exclusive items!
1st -- Unlock the 1st Virtual Charm row
2nd -- Unlock the 2nd Virtual Charm row
3rd -- Unlock the 3rd Virtual Charm row
4th -- Unlock the 4th Virtual Charm row
5th -- Unlock the 5th Virtual Charm row
6th -- Unlock the 6th Virtual Charm row
7th -- Unlock the 7th Virtual Charm row
8th -- Unlock the 8th Virtual Charm row
9th -- 100 Kinz Cash
10th -- 100 Kinz Cash
11th -- 200 Kinz Cash
12th -- 200 Kinz Cash
13th -- 200 Kinz Cash
14th -- 300 Kinz Cash
15th -- 300 Kinz Cash
16th -- Fairy Falls Fountain
17th -- 400 Kinz cash
18th -- 400 Kinz cash
19th -- 400 Kinz cash
20th -- 500 Kinz cash
21st -- 500 Kinz Cash
22nd -- 500 Kinz Cash
23rd -- 500 Kinz Cash
24th -- Super-Exclusive Charm Forest Item

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