zondag 30 september 2007

TIP: How to keep your Webkinz healthy? 5 things

Question: How to keep my Webkinz healthy?
Answer: Here are 5 things that you can do to keep your Webkinz healthy.
  1. Keep your Webkinz well fed. You can buy food at the W Shop. Make sure they get lots of fruits and vegetables. The hamburger, hot dog and chicken nuggets are the best value. They fill up your Webkinz without spending a lot of kinz cash. Vitamins can increase the health of your Webkinz, but don't give more than one per day, and they are not a good value.

  2. Popsicles can help your Webkinz animal if it has a sore throat. You would find this information when you visit the Webkinz clinic. There is a great doctor there that can look at your Webkinz if it is not feeling well. At times you may also have to buy medicine.

  3. Make sure you keep your Webkinz animal clean. You can buy a bathtub at the W Shop. Webkinz Tip: a bathtub comes as a free gift when you buy a Hippo Webkinz. Giving your Webkinz a bath is a quick and fun way to make your Webkinz health level go up. Not all items are interactive in Webkinz World, but the bathtub is interactive and fun.

  4. Make sure your Webkinz animal gets lots of exercise. You can get a pool so your Webkinz can swim. You can also get a trampoline for jumping or you can get your Webkinz a treadmill.

  5. Your Webkinz requires a lot of rest, so remember to put it to bed prior to logging out of Webkinz World.

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